Lesson 10 – Sacred Space, Altars & Shrines

Lesson 10
Sacred Space – Altars and Shrines

An altar is your main working tool storage area during a ritual. Everything you will need for a ritual, such as salt and water, candles, magickal weapons, food and drink, are all placed on the altar so they can be easily reached during a ritual or spell.

Altars do not need to have statues of deities on them, although you may do so if you feel it is appropriate to the nature of the work you are performing.

A shrine is a devotional area to a specific deity or energy (such as season of the year, element, planet, ancestors). It may be as simple or elaborate as you like, and should contain only items you feel appropriate to the nature of the shrine. Examples of items that may be placed on shrines are flowers, crystals, statues, pictures and candles.

Exercise 10
a) Create a small seasonal shrine. This can be for the next Sabbat or just for the season in general. Collect items from a nearby forest, woodland or from your garden which represents the current season. This may include pine cones, stones, leaves, tree bark, herbs, flowers or anything you find interesting and which represents this time of the year to you. Make a note of the items you have included on your altar and what they represent to you.

b) Light a candle on your shrine and meditate on the season. If possible burn some incense or joss on your shrine whilst doing so. Write down your experiences in your notebook.

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