Lesson 14 – Elemental Ritual

Lesson 14
Elemental Ritual

This lesson takes the form of a practical ceremony to the Four Elements. Unless you have previous experience, make sure that you have worked through the previous lessons and exercises before commencing with this ceremony.

Prepare your ritual space, on your altar place a representation of each of the elements.

· Burning incense for Air
· Red Candle for Fire
· Bowl of Spring Water for Water
· A Bowl of ground for Earth

Make sure that you will not be disturbed, switch your phone off and take a few deep breaths.

Cast a circle, purifying it first. Then invite each of the Elements into your circle :
Air in the East, Fire in the South, Water in the West and Earth in the North.

Now take your incense and observe the rising smoke. Observe the patterns the smoke makes as it rises, smell the sweet smells and become aware of Air, which is all around you.

Next, meditate for a few minutes on the burning candle. Watch the flame, feel the heat that it is producing. Become aware of the powers of Fire in Nature.

Now, take your bowl of water. Smell the water and touch it. Feel the sensation of the water and become aware of the qualities of Water. Its place in Nature.

Lastly, take the bowl of Earth. Smell it and touch it. Feel the sensation of the Earth and become aware of the qualities of Earth and its place in Nature.

Now it is time to say farewell to the Elements – starting with Earth in the North, then Water in the West, Fire in the South and Air in the East.

Open your magick circle and ground yourself by eating some food, bread or cakes are particulary good (ie. carbohydrate rich foods)

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