Lesson 12 – Exploring the Four Elements

Lesson 12
Exploring the Elements

This is a practical lesson aimed at helping you to gain a deeper understanding of the elements.

Elemental Meditation Exercise
Focus on your body and meditate on how each element is present within it.
You may become aware of how air is present as the oxygen in your lungs and bloodstream, fire as the nerve impulses and digestive process, water as the blood and bulk of the tissues, earth as the bones, teeth, hair, etc.
Contemplate how each element is part of the combination that is you. Write down your experiences for each of the elements on a separate page in your magickal diary.

Elemental Meditation Exercise # 2
Meditate on each element in turn, facing the direction of the element.
Start by considering the element in yourself as you have already done, and then visualize whatever feels right for you (e.g. rivers, rain, waterfalls, the sea, etc for water) and see how it makes you feel.

If you can, go and be near the element, e.g. by the sea or a river for water, or out in a storm. Consider the presence and action of the elements in our lives around us all the time, and add this to your notes.

For example, consider when you have bath – you bathe in water, which cleanses you, then you use a towel (earth) to dry, you may use a dryer on your hair (air, powered by electricity = fire), etc.

When you use this method of perception you will appreciate the elements and their qualities much more, and develop your relationship with them, and see how you can use them to balance yourself. Learning about Magick is very much learning methods of perceiving the world around you in a different way, seeing the little things and gaining a deeper awareness of Nature and of yourself.

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