Lesson 6 – What do Wiccans Do?

Lesson 6
What do Wiccans Do?

Coven Wiccans
They will meet for the eight seasonal festivals, as well as at the Full Moon to celebrate their Gods and do their magick. Covens usually expect their members to spend a period of time working and learning with them, prior to accepting them as a full member in a ceremony of initiation. People usually stay in a coven for a number of years and may decide to “hive” and form their own coven when they feel ready.

Ritual celebrations and workings are usually followed by a feast, during which the work may be discussed and members socialise whilst sharing food and drinks. The seasonal festivals are known as Sabbats and the Full Moon ceremonies are called Esbats.

Coven Wiccans have the benefit of peers with whom they can discuss problematic workings, share and develop ideas with and who will encourage them when things are difficult. Coven Wiccans also have the benefit of a group of people who can all put energy into a working together (which in a good coven will be far more effective than a person can do by themselves). Additionally, if it is a good coven, they will also have the benefit of regular training sessions with the High Priestess and High Priest of the coven, in which they will be encouraged to and instructed on a variety of techniques and methods which may not be that easy to master alone.

Solitary Wiccans
Solitary Wiccans are often Wiccans who have in the past worked with a Coven, but who for one reason or another is unable to do so at the present time. For example: – It may be that there are no coven accepting new members in their local area to where they live, or that they are simply unable to attend meetings due to family or work obligations.

Some Solitary Wiccans are people who have been unable to find a coven to work and learn with, or who at the present time is unable to commit to a Coven. They are self-taught from books and websites – and often supplement their training by attending public celebrations, workshops and conferences.

Solitary Wiccans will usually also celebrate the seasonal Sabbat festivals, but may do so with others in public ceremonies. They may practice further magickal work at the Full Moon, but as they work by themselves they can be more flexible about the timing of their rituals. As such they are able to fit magickal and spiritual work in around their own lifestyle more easily.

In reality most Coven Wiccans also do regular Solitary work, as it is rare for Covens to meet more than (at the very most) once or twice a week.

Exercise 6
a) Do you want to work in a Coven or do you think that working solitary is more suitable to your lifestyle. ? Make a list of the pro’s and con’s for each.
b) How many days a month are you able to set aside for your magickal and spiritual work?

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